Douglas Kemp-Welch

Douglas Kemp-Welch, MBA, ICD.D – Chief Executive Officer, Director

Mr. Kemp-Welch received his MBA from Queens University in 1984. As Principal of Kemp Welch Capital Management Inc., Mr. Kemp-Welch has successfully overseen the strategic development, execution and funding of numerous early stage public and private technology and manufacturing companies over the last 12 years. Having served in the capacity of Chairman, Director and CEO, he  has successfully negotiated exit strategies for numerous companies in challenging financial times. He obtained his ICD.D designation as an accredited Corporate Director from the Institute of Corporate Directors in 2007.

Over the previous 20 years, Mr. Kemp-Welch effectively managed large business units within two Chartered banks in Canada and has successfully lead numerous major reorganizations and restructurings. As the CEO of S4CO2, Mr Kemp-Welch is responsible for executing the global commercial deployment approved by the Board.

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