Michael Langenhorst

Michael Langenhorst - Chairman of the Board, Chair Compensation Committee

Mr. Langenhorst graduated with a B.S. in Microbiology and Public Health in 1976 from the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. He spent his career in the rendering industry beginning with Nick Beucher & Sons Detroit, Michigan in 1977 and in Berlin, Wisconsin 1987. In 1983, the company was sold to National Byproducts, a large independent renderer in the Midwest U.S. and in 1986, he became District Manager of Nationals’ St. Louis operation. In 1989, Mr. Langenhorst was hired as Executive Vice President of the Anamax Group of Companies and, in 1997 become its President. In 2005, Anamax merged with Canada’s Sanimal and in 2006 Mr. Langenhorst became CEO of the new organization, SANIMAX, a $600,000,000 per year international rendering, byproduct, and bio-diesel company until his retirement in 2009.

Mr. Langenhorst is a Past-Chairman of both the National Renderers Association and the World Rendering Organization, an organization he helped found. He served on the Board of Directors of the National Renderers Association as well as chaired the Legislative Action Committee, the Fats and Proteins Research Foundation, the World Rendering Organization, the National Biodiesel Board and the American Feed Industry Association.

Mr. Langenhorst represented the rendering industry at the Codex Alimentarious Commission meetings (joint food and Agriculture Organization / World Health Organization standards), as well as lobbying for the interests of United States agriculture in Washington D.C., and the E.U. Mr. Langenhorst also sits on the Board of Directors of M & I Bank Northeast, Trudell Trailer, Romo Inc., CMM Group, as well as Solutions4CO2 Inc.

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