John Archibald

John Archibald, P.EngTechnology Advisor

John H. Archibald received his P.Eng. from the University of Waterloo in Civil Engineering in 1974. As Managing Partner of inVentures, S4CO2’s major shareholder, contract manufacturer and engineering services company, and Canzone Ltd., S4CO2’s Licensor, Mr. Archibald is taking a direct lead in the strategic thrust to commercialize the Canzone technologies in several S4CO2 sectors including algae and flue gas.

Mr. Archibald has worked in North America and overseas for both large and small organizations. He has effectively and aggressively managed large business units and lead their productive growth and profitability. His experience includes start up situations and opening overseas offices and manufacturing facilities. Mr. Archibald has worked with numerous small technology firms launching their initiatives into the marketplace and has been regularly involved in the transfer and licensing of technologies as part of his activities. He has worked closely with many of the Canadian research organizations as well as those in Asia in establishing international corporate and institutional partnerships.

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