Integrated Biogas Refinery™

Integrated Biogas Refinery™

S4CO2′s Integarted Biogas Refinery™ (IBR) consists of:

S4CO2’s Biogas Purifier and Infusion SystemTM (BPIS), Algae Cultivation System (ACS), and Harvesting and Extraction System (HES) which can be integrated with any Anaerobic Digester (AD). The footprint of a 20 photo bio-reactor IBR Site Layout is 10,000 sq ft.

The AD processes organic waste to produce biogas containing roughly 60% methane, 39% CO2 and less than 1% H2S as well as waste water and digestate. The BPIS separates over 85% of the CO2 and 95% of the H2S from the biogas by infusing and completely dissolving these gasses into water for use in the ACS. The microalgae assimilate over 95% of these dissolved gasses over the course of their growth cycle. The purified 90% methane stream is used to power a combined heat and power unit (CHP) which more than offsets the parasitic load of the entire IBR and provides surplus power for sale to the grid. The HES harvests and dewaters the algae biomass and extracts the oil containing high value co-products for sale in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets. The production water from the HES is then recycled and reused in the BPIS.

The IBR can utilize CO2 gas from Bottled CO2, AD biogas and Ethanol waste CO2.
Please see our Institutional Investor Presentation for more information on the IBR.

Please see the IBR Press Article and IBR Flow Diagram for a complete description of the Integrated Biogas Refinery™ and check out our new Integrated Biogas Refinery YouTube Video


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