S4CO2 transforms waste gas, water and biomass from being potentially costly to generating revenue, therefore helping emitters reduce and monetize their waste streams.

If you are a waste stream emitter, please contact us so we can help reduce and monetize your waste footprint.


S4CO2‘s integrated solutions use organic feedstock such as algae biomass and shrimp by-products for the production of high value co-products.

If you have a technology that will add value to the “Waste to High Value Co-Product” value chain, please contact us so we can partner in improving our current solutions and develop new innovative solutions.


S4CO2 currently uses organic waste in the production of high value algae biomass which is a renewable feedstock for high value co-products. The use of shrimp-by-products also adds to the various forms of feedstock for the production high value co-products.

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